Friday 19 September 2014

My Faux Wash and Go

In fairness, the results of my last wash day, where I attempted a faux wash and go wasn't a complete fail.

When I first started I was sceptical. It just looked like an ordinary twist out (and we know how extremely not brilliant I am at those).

But wait! What's this? MY finest area - co-operating? Separating of their own free will?

Goodness...could this be.....a good hair day?

No, make that - a really amazing hair day! It's the first time I have ever been complimented on my hair by work colleagues. I felt fresh. I felt amazing. I had to make this last more than a day!

So I tried naptural85's bagging method after a light spritz of water, pineappled everything and tied it all on with a silk scarf to prevent my instinct of taking things off my head while I'm sleeping.

Didn't work. Between 2 and 4am, I distinctly remember ripping said baggy off my head, muttering darkly about being too hot and how all this was nonsense.

Day 2 was okay - wearable, but not as great as Day 1.

Day 3, my shedding really kicked it and my looked like it was locking. When it looks like this, I know I need a detangle, because all the shed hair has gotten stuck at the roots, thus forcing my hair to 'clump'.

But it was midweek! No time to wash properly, so I'm just bunning for the rest of the week. *Sigh* My next wash day is going to be horrendous

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