Friday 30 May 2014

No Hair Blogs? No problem!

To be honest and straight to the point, I haven't found it overly difficult not going on hair sites. Once I broke the habit of typing in certain sites and found other things to interest me, it was easy. My issues with my hair and comparing them - well, I have very little to compare them to, so I've just stopped comparing it. I don't think hair obsession is that serious or that bad - it's not affecting my health or my lifestyle, so I'm good. I just needed to get a little bit of perspective!

My hair related routine has become oh-so-simple - in fact, some weeks, it borders on neglect because I forget to do anything! I haven't been using Apple Cider Vinegar, or Black Tea when doing my hair because...I forgot? I'm lazy? It seemed like far too much effort and not really important?

I do need to use up all the tea in my house somehow but...I live in England. I'll find a way, haha!

 That way will probably consist of inviting over friends on a weekly basis:
"Would you like a cuppa?" "Ooh, yes, I'd love one!"

I think the hardest part has been the lack of community. Reading articles and comments from real people really makes you feel like you're a part of a community - maybe when it's agreeing or debating thrifty methods, hair products or even people. You feel a togetherness.

But there's definitely a different between reading and joining in and being part of a conversation. I think forums are much better at the conversation thing and I've come away from that. I miss commenting on the pages of new-er bloggers, or ones with a smaller audience, where it feels like you're having a lovely chat with a friend who just happens to live thousands of miles away from you.

On a similar note, The Littlest Sis is bugging me to go to a hair event sometime this summer, which will be intriguing and terrifying in equal measures. I have no idea what it's like! It seems really exciting and intimidating at the same time! What is it like to be at one? I feel I need to read reviews....

Monday 5 May 2014

Mini Twists

There are only two things that are officially awful about mini twists - putting them in and taking them out.

I've definitely overcome one of those hurdles.

I'm hoping that it will be a while until the second hurdle. They took me about 5 - 6 days and I did it over a week period, finally finishing this Sunday. In the meanwhile, the loose hair was chunkily twisted and put up into a bun. I worked on the perimeter first, to cover the hair in the middle.

I didn't use any product (that I can remember). And it was fairly easy doing the actual twists - it was overcoming my nausea at how small I thought each one was that was the hardest part! Since I coiled each strand of hair before I twisted them, these are rope twists. But I always do rope twists. I've tried not to and it's actually physically impossible for me to twist fast and not roll and coil each strand beforehand. Maybe that's why the twists are so wriggly and serpentine? I like it though. Looks more voluminous and fun.

Plus, I'm beginning to believe that my scalp exudes glue, not sebum, because my roots are always stuck together.

No, not tangled together. Stuck.

Just a small update anyway. I'm not really sure how long I'll keep them in for, but I'm having a lot of fun already.

Friday 2 May 2014

Health > Obsession

Until I get to that particular weight, I won't be happy. She's at that weight and she's gorgeous. They're all so pretty...I wish I had the same weight as them. I don't think I can feel completely happy until I lose weight. I need to lose these pounds! My cousin knows a lady who can give me some pills to shed these pounds in a month! They're only available in Europe/the US but I need them. Apparently, sometimes you get some side effects too, but I'm willing to risk that to lose weight! They're mega expensive - how can I afford them? 

Those thoughts above don't sound like the healthiest mindset and it's because it's not - that person has obviously prioritised weight loss in front of their health - both mental and physical. Fortunately, I am nowhere near that least, when it comes to my body. (It's pretty awesome, thank you for asking).

Replace 'weight' with 'hair length'. Swap 'shed these pounds' to 'gain those inches'. 'Lose weight' with 'grow my hair'. You can replace pills with hair products or keep it the same, it's similar.

And then suddenly, it is me.