Monday 28 January 2013

Wash Day - Failure to launch

I haven't really had a wash week this past week.

I just kind of experimented with different ACV rinses and co-washed - the last of which resulted in the hot water running out on me. AAAAAAHHHHHH. Never again! I solemnly swear to always take a shower before 4pm from now on.

I couldn't muster up the physical desire to have such a long shower and get a proper scrubbing on. I was feeling quite indecisive and half inspired, which is always a dangerous mix. A lot of the little girls at my school have been wearing twists and I've been itching to get back into them.

So as a stretch, I started fat twisting my hair and then changed my mind halfway that, actually, I wanted them as a style, so maybe they should be smaller, but ACK! I'm going out and I need to leave in 5 minutes, AndWhereDidIPutMyTights?

Yeah, so I ended up wearing my trusty hat (couldn't even find my satin scarf...something tells me I left it in England after coming back from Christmas....).

And taking them out when I got back.

Monday 21 January 2013

This wash day was not sponsored by Garnier

My wash day last week was pretty simple - no bells or whistles.

1) Pre-pooed overnight with Coconut Oil. 2) Shampooed with Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. There are two reasons why I probably shouldn't have been using that shampoo. One,  It has SLS, which seems to be the ultimate RED BUTTON; DO NOT TOUCH on the curly, kinky interwebs and two It contains white willow bark, an excellent anti dandruff treatment, since it is a rich source of salicyclic acid. It is also an active ingredient found in aspirin (for dilating blood vessels or something) so as an asthmatic, I'm supposed to avoid it. But if I'm feeling halfway rebellious, may as well go all the way, no? I applied the shampoo in sections, to make sure I got to every inch of my scalp. Also meant I used, like, 10 times the recommended amount... 3) Rinsed like the Dickens. 4) Applied my Garnier Ultra Doux conditioner, with Vanilla milk and Papaya pulp. It's formulated for long hair, so I reckon it should help my fragile ends. Also, smells like heaven. Fruity, but not too much and mixed with that irresistible scent of Vanilla. Love it. I left it in for 5 minutes while I bemoaned the state of our shower, thanks to the hard water. 5) Rinsed out, but not intensely - I don't mind if a little bit of the product is left behind because then my hair smells gorgeous :) 6) Applied home made Rose Aloe Moisturiser. 7) Sealed with Hempseed oil and some whipped shea butter on my ends.

Happy, happy hair! Soft and fluffy. And my scalp was completely and utterly clear! Nothing else to report really with the shampoo, apart from a nagging,persistent headache the following day. I'm not sure if it was from the shampoo or not - I'll find out next time.

To stretch, I decided to indulge in some banding for a couple of days. 

 When I released it, it simply went up in a bun, to avoid my hair brushing on my scarf. The first picture is my hair after I decided to finger comb a little.
I love how big looking it turned out!

It's only now as I've written this up that I've realised both commercial products used are Garnier. 
I've never really paid attention to any brands (outside of Tresemmé) but my experience so far is definitely making me think I might try them out when I go back to England.
One's in Spanish and the other's in French - yo no habla ingles!