Monday 30 April 2012

The Untouchable Bun

Two weeks ago, I put my hair into a bun and it has been that way until now. Literally.

I put it in on Monday, with my handy dandy sock bun maker thingy. I slicked on some aloe vera gel and IC fantasia, as well as some coconut water and brushed it down using my hands and a paddle brush, then tying around a scarf over night.

But after a few nights, I could barely tie on my satin scarf, so gave up and let my edges run free.

After two nights of sleeping with my bun at the back of my head, I shifted it around to the side to make it more comfortable to sleep on at night. I also switched my fringe over to the other side and tried to do a super sharp part....

For the last few days of wearing the bun, I ended up twisting my fringe back and tucking it into the bun to attempt to make it look like I had actually done something with my hair.

Anyway, when I finally took it down after two weeks, it had been untouchable. Lack of moisture (I know, I know) plus ladling on the gel and coconut water (which I think works better rinsed out of the hair) for a few consecutive nights meant that my hair was sticky, rough, dry and just generally icky. 

I even slept without a satin scarf two nights in a row and it barely dented it!

The barest of fuzzies...
In my defence, I'd only planned to carry on this abysmal behaviour for 1 week, and things came up and it got extended to two. So there we go. Washing it was sweet relief.

Friday 13 April 2012

Hot Mess

But at least it's not actually me this time...

So the eyes need fixing and there is a strange cinch in her jaw....

I think I tried to base her hair on the texture of a twist out...maybe one my past twist out fails. I didn't have enough patience to get it looking realistic (I mean, she has silver/grey hair and purple eyes. If I'm really honest with myself, that's not the most realistic of combinations....)

I got frustrated looking through the wonderful  art tumblrs of others and decided to have a go at this drawing schtick myself. But for my first go at drawing on a computer, using my laptop mouse pad for drawing (ack!), I'm not too mad.

Thursday 12 April 2012

There's more to Student Finance than the Debt.

As an antidote to my lack of hair blogs, I've taken up reading personal finance blogs instead (out of the frying pan...). I've found a plethora of good ones based in the UK, but there are quite a few based in North America too. One thing I noticed was that few - okay, none of the British blogs were written by students or for students.

Which is incredible, considering how much debt students are going to get themselves into, isn't it? The closest thing I found was this series by the Guardian,written by an anonymous student at Warwick University.

Monday 9 April 2012

Keep Rolling

Last week, I decided to keep rolling with what happened with my hair, no matter what.

I got fed up with the twists the following Tuesday and took them out. Usually, at this point, I rinse it out because I don't like the the resulting twist out. Some of my hair did it very well.

Some of it went whoomfluff.

Okay, fine, a lot of it went whoomfluff.

But I kept rolling with it, despite the fact I ended up pinning up as usual.

Of course, the next day, there was a blizzard all morning as it snowed. A week after weather hot enough to literally nearly fry an egg on my door, a snow blizzard. Because this is Britain and rather than settle on Spring, it alternates furiously between Winter and Summer.

After the second (or was it the third?) day, I hit it with some water in the shower, but it didn't completely loose all definition.

However, after repeating the shower assault, gradually, it's gotten bigger...

and bigger!

Still rolling with it with a twisted headband thing to keep it out my face.

I've just left my hair at the moment, but decided to unleash my brand of punish practise on the Littlest Sis' hair. She's still growing out her relaxer and is having trouble knowing what to do with her hair on a daily basis.
She got a full head of twists, including some flat twists, because I was feeling fanciful. However, she decided that  I should take them out so she could have a side swoop fringe instead.

 Then to round things up, she covered up most of her hair with a delightful scarf stolen from my mother. She tied it up around her head and rolled and pinned the ends under. They were dragging on her neck scarf and driving me bonkers so up they went!

Let's pretend that this is a sign of my deep and abiding sisterly love for her and not my thinking in absolutes when it comes to hair care...

Friday 6 April 2012

This Sunday...

Christ is risen!

Lent is over!

I will have much reading to catch up on!

Happy Easter all!

Monday 2 April 2012

Flat Twisting Flop

*Heavy sigh*

Ahem. Right. Okay. Um. *Clears throat* Right.

Okay, you know what? Hugh Grant style English foppishness? Go sit over there.

Basically, a year after my faux smooshed sides post and I'm still rubbish at flat twisting >.<. I can do the big ones that don't necessitate any level of precision; they just seem to work out.

But as soon as any skill, dexterity or, er, accuracy is needed, it all goes, Leeds. [How is that phrase usually finished? Where do things usually go when it all goes wrong?]
During my twist realisation, I decided that some small flat twists would be a great idea.

And they totally would have been a great idea!
If I had any ability whatsoever to do them!

And of course, one gave up hair Youtube videos for Lent, so couldn't even watch a tutorial.
Hello creek. Good-byyye paddle.

This is the first ones. Well, the first flat twist I tried. This is probably about the 8th attempt on this flat twist alone.

Finding discernible flat twists that I did myself is a bit like a Bigfoot sighting - rare and unusual but everyone else will think you're crazy for focusing on it so much.

There are more flat twists, buried somewhere on my head because you cannot tell that they are there at all (despite my attempt at a starburst pattern).
Maybe they are practising for their ninja camouflage exam, or their spy concealment assessment.
They are totally on point for a first class pass grade.

Great for their future ninja and spy careers, not so great for my attempt at a more elaborate hair style.