Monday 11 November 2013

Wash Day

My wash days are, once again, falling into a routine and making a kind of sense to me. Because I dislike doing the hokey cokey in (out, in, out) the shower, I'm more likely to deep condition before I wash. So  guess I was wrong when I said I don't deep condition. I do, just not the same as everyone else. I have quite a few other personal rules when it comes to my hair routine, but this one only recently dawned on me, haha!

1. Pre-pooed with Vatika oil overnight.

2. I'd forgotten to section my hair in before leaping into the shower, so I roughly split it into five twisted sections before I shampooed. Shampooed with Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Colour Shampoo with Liquid Keratin, focusing on my scalp. It had been a little itchy over the last week, in small,  annoying bouts so I made sure to massage my head tenderly.

3. I detangled each section with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and my fingers under the running water, then I added some more conditioner and moved on to the next section. Since two of the twists was too big for themselves and kept unravelling, I had to separate them into two smaller twists. I left in the conditioner while I washed.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner and wrapped my head in an old T-shirt for about 35 minutes. It was mostly dry by the end of this time (about 80%?).

5. Then I applied the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream as my leave in, along with some Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment to seal in moisture. 

And that was it for the wash day!

I left my hair in the 8 twists for a couple of days, and released it for twist out. I was a bit nervous at first, since at first, it started out looking like this....

Time to look for my hair band perhaps? Nope. It turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself :), haha! )

I only took one reasonable photo, because it was Sunday and I was laaate. As usual. Hope you all had lovely weekends! 

Thursday 7 November 2013

No More Scissors!

If you're a fine haired lady, you've seen it almost everywhere - something along the lines of 'If you have fine hair, you are more susceptible to breakage and split ends and should trim more regularly to get rid of them.'

Okay. Well, that's advise I've been following since 2010.

During the past few years, I noticed a recurring pattern with my hair that went a little like this:

- Hair suffers from breakage
- I do a search and destroy and get rid of my split ends
- Hair suffers from breakage
- I do a search and destroy and get rid of my split ends
- Hair suffers from breakage

Because I had fine hair, I knew split ends were inevitable and was determined to get rid of them.

Can you see that split near the top leaf? Noo joke, my split ends.

My little revolt against trimming more frequently happened quite by accident. I got a hair cut. Then I went away and promptly lost my hair shears.

During the (rather frustrating) period where I searched for the shears that didn't want to be found, I came to the realization that, even after the trimming, the cutting and the split end elimination, my hair was still breaking.

If split ends are inevitable on my fine hair, then even after trimming, they'll still be there and I'll be both suffering from breakage and getting rid of length.Wait...didn't that mean I was cutting and trimming my hair despite the seemingly inevitable damage I was going to have? Thus, I was chopping off progress... in the hope of progress????

I stopped looking for those scissors QUICKSHAPP!

We were done. Finished. Finito. End of. Nevermore.

Yep. I've quit cutting.

Well, okay, not forever, but I've drastically reduced it from every month to once every year. I'm gleefully anticipating my results (can't be worse than what I was doing before...)

Friday 1 November 2013

October Little Goals Review + November Little Goals

Hello lovely! Brr! October's gone and it's officially cold. I'm hoping that someone is going to declare Slankets and Snuggies national uniform for the next 7 months, or I'm at risk of losing several fingers and toes. At least there's bonfires and fireworks to look forward well as hot juice, hot chocolate and hot soups!

Little goal(s) for October: Moisturise my twists regularly with rose water. - Done!
Continue caring for hair as necessary (washing and conditioning etc).- Done!
Keep up with my fitness goals. - Kind of done >.< (See below)


Little goals for October: Continue focusing on general core and upper body fitness (I want to join a yoga class later on and am trying to give myself a little head start!). Done...*rubs tummy tenderly*

Little goals for October: Exercise three times a week, to get re-used to it . Includes joining a dance class or sports team! - Check! I joined a dance class and am waiting for the sport's team's schedule to be arranged :)
Drink 2 litres of water daily. - Check ^.^
Start adding more vegetables and fruits back into my daily life - 5-a-day. - Eh. Minor fail. I did really well at the beginning of the month, but as it continued on and I got busy, it sort of dropped off...


Little goals for October: Start working again, even if it means joining new agencies. - Done! 
Reclaim money from agencies and banks that is owed to me.- Fail. Massive fail. Fail to infinity and back. I'm too meek.
If I am working at least times three a week, create a realistic budget. - Although I'm not working that often, the budget has been created and put into action!

Little goals for October: Get some sofas. - YESSSS! Massive win! Definite check.
Devise a laundry system of some sort - Ehhhh......*looks at clothes in a pile on the floor and chairs* Fail.
Clear out recycling packaging from the back  - Done! 

Little goal for October:: Take an hour off from my to do list and chores every week to have some pampering time. - *Sigh* Fail. Unless reading blogs is pampering time. Which it isn't.

Little goal for October: Buy some make up and experiment - I did buy some make up! Then half way through my experimentations, I got a facial plague of some sort and now I can't even touch my face and I'm having to rub medicated Vaseline on it and I'm all spotty and greasy and itchy basically, I don't want to talk about it....

A massively mixed bag but there's a lot of green! (Don't want to end on a negative note, haha!) 

For November, I'm hoping to
- Finish my hair, skin and nails supplements.
- Do 10 minutes of exercise every day.
- Attend sport's team training.
- Use up two products (won't be the EcoStyler Gel....)