Friday 1 November 2013

October Little Goals Review + November Little Goals

Hello lovely! Brr! October's gone and it's officially cold. I'm hoping that someone is going to declare Slankets and Snuggies national uniform for the next 7 months, or I'm at risk of losing several fingers and toes. At least there's bonfires and fireworks to look forward well as hot juice, hot chocolate and hot soups!

Little goal(s) for October: Moisturise my twists regularly with rose water. - Done!
Continue caring for hair as necessary (washing and conditioning etc).- Done!
Keep up with my fitness goals. - Kind of done >.< (See below)


Little goals for October: Continue focusing on general core and upper body fitness (I want to join a yoga class later on and am trying to give myself a little head start!). Done...*rubs tummy tenderly*

Little goals for October: Exercise three times a week, to get re-used to it . Includes joining a dance class or sports team! - Check! I joined a dance class and am waiting for the sport's team's schedule to be arranged :)
Drink 2 litres of water daily. - Check ^.^
Start adding more vegetables and fruits back into my daily life - 5-a-day. - Eh. Minor fail. I did really well at the beginning of the month, but as it continued on and I got busy, it sort of dropped off...


Little goals for October: Start working again, even if it means joining new agencies. - Done! 
Reclaim money from agencies and banks that is owed to me.- Fail. Massive fail. Fail to infinity and back. I'm too meek.
If I am working at least times three a week, create a realistic budget. - Although I'm not working that often, the budget has been created and put into action!

Little goals for October: Get some sofas. - YESSSS! Massive win! Definite check.
Devise a laundry system of some sort - Ehhhh......*looks at clothes in a pile on the floor and chairs* Fail.
Clear out recycling packaging from the back  - Done! 

Little goal for October:: Take an hour off from my to do list and chores every week to have some pampering time. - *Sigh* Fail. Unless reading blogs is pampering time. Which it isn't.

Little goal for October: Buy some make up and experiment - I did buy some make up! Then half way through my experimentations, I got a facial plague of some sort and now I can't even touch my face and I'm having to rub medicated Vaseline on it and I'm all spotty and greasy and itchy basically, I don't want to talk about it....

A massively mixed bag but there's a lot of green! (Don't want to end on a negative note, haha!) 

For November, I'm hoping to
- Finish my hair, skin and nails supplements.
- Do 10 minutes of exercise every day.
- Attend sport's team training.
- Use up two products (won't be the EcoStyler Gel....)

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