Saturday 23 July 2016

Trepidly Trying Trepadora

So I took the plunge and ordered all of the samples, after at least 7 months of flirting eye-winking across my browser for the sale that would never come.

So this begs the question - do I just go all in and have a Trepadora themed wash day, or do I ease them in one by one?

Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

LYT 6 Month Challenge Review + Length Check

 The challenge officially ended yesterday... Who knew it'd be so hard to say goodbye to a challenge? *cues up BoyzIIMen*

I've taken up lots of challenge in my hair-based journey. Some more crazier and short-lived than others. There has always been that sense of excitement and anticipation at the beginning, eventually followed by confusion and disappointment at the end.

You know, like:

Till now, o' course.
This post is a little gif heavy because how else can one express their emotions on the internet?