Friday 10 December 2010

So I henna'd...

But not my hair.

I henna'd my hands!

Here's the pattern whilst drying.

It took an ages to dry. The lovely lady who did it for me told me it would dry in an hour, 2 hours tops.

It took 5 hours to completely dry.

This included about 20 minutes under a hand dryer.


This is what it looked like straight after I'd grown desperately bored and washed it off, about 5 hours later.

One of my friend's got hers done too and I'm very jealous at how her design darkens the further it goes down.
I think it was accidental, but it's still gorgeous.

Warning to anyone thinking of trying this: You peel. Not as in an orange. As in your skin. I never understood it when people who tanned or got sunburnt talked about peeling.

I was like, how does your skin peel?

I can now assume it looks somewhat like my hand a week after I got the henna done.

So be warned.

A bicarbonate of soda, brown sugar and olive oil scrub was used, followed by a thin covering of aloe vera gel for a couple of days sorted it out but it was still unpleasant.

But other than that, I've gotten all interested in henna designs now...

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  1. i LOVE it!! it's so pretty!! i used to do this as a child, with my friends. Of course not intricate designs like this, but that makes me want to get it done!! lovely!


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