Wednesday 1 December 2010

Fantasy Christmas Wishlist: Family Edition

Not for me. No, I don't really fancy anything. But one of the main reasons I love Christmas is because of the chance to shop in an unashamedly excessive manner for some of my favouritest people in the world!

It's December already, it's Christmas time! Well, not yet. But it's 24 days until the real deal! So I've started looking for gifts (I'm late, I know) So in order to procrastinate, I decided to compile a wish list of some of the things I'd get for the people in my life if money, time, resources etc were no object.

The Mama:

Ideas: Decadent, Relaxation, Nurturing

A trip to the Ayana Spa Resort in Bali.

The Diamond Miracle Treatment - involving a bath of 500 roses, a facial made of sea quartz and pure diamond dust, whilst being served champagne and strawberries? Oh my Lord, my mother would be slain by the spirit a thousand times over.

It's alright Mama. It's 'cos you're worth it.

The Pappy

Ideas: Mentally Stimulating, Nostalgic, Funky

Going to see Fela! The Musical

Because I know it would zap the funk of his favourite era into my Daddy, sending phenomonal feelings all the way around his body and have my lovely Pappy dancing like King Sonny himself down the aisles.

I don't think I'll tell him Jay-Z was involved in the production.

The Littlest Sis

Ideas: Cooler than me, more stylish than me, more fashionable than me.

I guess this is kind of cheating, since she gets three -

This shirt?

Under this Dress?

With these shoes?

She would actually be the first person to be arrested for thinking she's too cute. It would be too much. Even as her sister, I would be slain, lying prone on the floor crying "I can't take it! I just can't take it!".

The Rebel Sis:

Ideas: Creativity, Expression, Freedom

A Production Studio, for music and movies and other artsy outlets.

With her own team of lackeys that she could boss around.

She'd probably prefer it to be in New York, so that we weren't constantly interrupting her work.


It would be in the basement/cellar of my mother's mansion, so I can get my kicks telling people my sister still lives with my mum.

The Bro:

Ideas: Games, Gadgets, Greatness.

To be honest, if I got him a car or something like that, I would literally own him. So that's not even difficult.

No, wait, I know!

Skateboard lessons from Tony Hawk!

There is a huge possibility that this option may make my mum cry...

Later this week, the Friends Edition!

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