Monday 6 December 2010

Monday Mission - And then...just Give

For me, the whole idea of giving is to give something and not expect something back.

I know that sounds pretty dang obvious, but at Christmas time, there's this continual idea of reciprocity that overhangs the whole thing.

That if you don't know what to buy, just spend a bucket load of money to alleviate the guilt.

That if I'm going to spend my precious money on you, you need to do the same for me.

Like, I spent £30 on you and you bought me a £1.99 bath set from Wilkinsons that I can't even USE since I'm allergic to it and GOSH it's like you don't even know me AT AL -

Ahem. Ignore that rant. That is something left over from last year. I'm different now.

Anyhoo. As a student, it's hard for me to give, because to be honest, I don't really have much.

So, the best thing I find I can give, is my time.

I volunteer, and I try and give my time to people who ask or need of it whenever I can.

I think it's easier to buy and gift something than to give your time, because time is priceless.

Giving isn't easy. And I admire people who can do it without even thinking.

One of my favourite examples is here.

Happy Monday,
A Simple Thing


  1. Time is a priceless beauty, we need to be much more like you! Great post x

  2. i completely agree! i often take time to crochet things, cook meals, visit friends to help them clean/babysit, etc ... cos i think it's more meaningful. I really don't like buying people presents they might not use, what a waste of money (i could be buying myself hair products!! lol). Time is a true gift! :)

  3. Aw, thanks guys! It's nice to know that there are other people doing stuff as well! ^_^
    *feels less like a weirdo*


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