Friday 31 December 2010

Flat Twist Border with a(nother) bow

I did this style a couple of weeks ago, on the week of Christmas.

Seriously, when Christmas comes around, I'm obsessed with bows.

I like to think of myself as a present to the world, so perhaps the bows are appropriate (I kid, I kid!)

When summer comes around, the flowers will come out in force...

So I use my fingers to part my hair at the place where my fringe starts, because I didn't want it too neat.

The right section was bigger than the left - it's like I have more hair on one side of my head or something, which is down right weird.

Then I flat twisted each section around my head, and twisted the ends.

My ends are hilarious - my hair is so fine that it looks like I've just lost half the bulk in one sitting.

Then I crossed the twist ends over each other at the back and pinned them down with a few bobby bins.

Then I put the bow in - in this picture, you can see where the parting is as well.

I didn't really take the pictures well, but because of where I'd parted my hair, the bow intersects between the two flat twists, making it look like it's one long flat twist split by the bow.

It wasn't really anything special, but I liked the way it looked. Also, I just really loved the bow ^.^

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