Monday 1 November 2010

Monday Mission - Spread a little happiness

So this is going to be a kind of new series thing that I'm doing, and I'm not sure how long it'll last. The older I get and the more people I meet, the more I realise that there are a lot of lovely people out there.

So why is it we only ever hear about people who throw cats in bins or something equally profoundly stupid?

People don't tend to hear about the great stuff people do, like the couple who gave away nearly 11 million dollars or the guy who started the free hugs campaign.
Is it because we don't want to hear about it? Because we think it's not realistic to expect this sort of positive behaviour in everyday life?

Why not?
Are we really that sceptical of our fellow human beings? Of ourselves?
Hopefully not.
So then, what's stopping us?

The posts in this series will generally be vague, since everyone's situation is different, and interpretation is subjective. I'm totally open to suggestions and new ideas as well. Since Mondays have the rep of being the Day people like the least, I thought it'd be appropriate if the posts concerning this little campaign of mine came up on a Monday. You know, start your week off right. Do something genuinely positive for someone - even if it's just yourself!

Spread a little happiness.

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