Monday 29 November 2010

Monday Mission - Give Thanks

I know this one is a bit of an obvious one, what with it having been Thanksgiving in the U.S last week, but I don't celebrate it, so I need reminding, so there.

Sometimes, when it's a bad day, it's so easy to forget about the good stuff in our lives, which is a shame, because that's usually when we need to remember the most.

A Simple Thing: I am thankful to my God for all he has given me:

I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life: -

For my family, who love and encourage and support me in their unique way. They're amazing.

For the Wonder Thing, who is continually patient and also continually crazy. He leaves me speechless.

For my friends, especially Lady V and The Fae, who are lovely and bonkers. I fit right in. They're fantastic.

For my amazing tutors, who continue to push and encourage me and open my eyes to options I never thought possible. They're inspiring.

For my body - it works! And it wears orange and yellow quite well. It's distinctive.

For my health, especially in this weather. It could definitely be a lot worse. It's improving.

For my growth as a person; my burgeoning courage; my ridiculous confidence; the sound of laughter on the regular. It's heart-warming.

For the joy I have, due to all of the above, and the continual grace and mercy I receive on a daily basis from all avenue. It's magnificient.

I am eternally grateful.

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