Monday 4 June 2012

Daydreamin' in my hair

The first time I'd ever heard Jill Scott or Lupe Fiasco was when they collaborated on this song:

I remember, my first thought being: "Wow, her hair is amazing!"



I'm so flyyyyyyy!

My initial attempts at recreating this look were....unsuccessful and frustrating.

Suddenly, I stumbled upon this post. I had to rub my eyes, because the similarity was astounding. Here I was, trying my hardest and Nik had just gone out and done what I'd been doing my darnest to do for over a year!

The other day, while at work, I got the song stuck in my head. Sitting there, clumsily tried to mentally recreate Lupe's flow, I remembered Jill's hair.

And I decided heck, let me have a go at this myself!

However, at first look, there are a few snags:
1I don't know how to cornrow and
2) My fine hair may not do this amazing style justice.

I'd washed my hair on Saturday - it was the usual. Applied Vatika Oil the night before, went swimming, and then tried to scalp wash with Baking Soda (more on that later - eek!) . Rinse that out, then spritzed diluted apple cider vinegar onto my scalp and conditioned for a couple of minutes. Then that all got rinsed out too. Used my Giovanni Direct Leave in and Caster and coconut oil on top of that. I banded overnight and wore my hair in a sock bun all Sunday in order to keep it stretched out, ready for Monday.

I decided to sweep all over my hair over to one side first and then twist it in that direction. I didn't use any extra product apart from what I had on still from my Saturday wash. I actually liked it, so I put it in a bun, donned a headband and then left the house.

The next day, I undid them, and swept them all over to the side and trying to pin curl them.

This is the point where I wonder what the heck I'm doing.

Bobby Pins! More bobby pins! They will make everything better!

This is where I think I know what I'm doing.

This is where I think - "Hey...I think I kinda like this."

I could definitely work to improve my technique, so they turnout more defined.
I think I need to roll themselves around more tightly and loosen it after they're pinned, instead of loosely pinning them...if that makes sense?

It's definitely a work in progress!

The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I've done this kind of style (pin curls) before but I was never really happy enough with them to leave the house wearing it.

April 2011
Or maybe it's because my last attempts were cack.

This time, I popped in a hair flower and faced the world with what I had on my head. 

This gif is set to become a regular, bwhaha!

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