Monday 25 June 2012

7 Days

I went to Edinburgh with the Wonder Thing - I went for a holiday, he went to avoid work :)

However, my camera broke before I went [I call it the Broken Blower] so I got no pictures whatsoever of what my hair and I did.

I decided that a 90's style rap would be the best way to detail what I did, at least, hair-wise.

To be sung to the chorus of 7 Days, a la Craig David.*

Did a Wash and Go on Sunday**
Put it in two puffs on Monday
I was in a bun by Tuesday 
And on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday
Co-washed on Saturday.

* Even as I kid, I thought the lyrics and concept to the original song were highly suspect and just ick in general. Hairstyle optional.
** I can't really advise wearing a Wash and Go on the train if you are prone to falling asleep everywhere. You wake up with misshapen hair and a clear indication of which side you prefer sleeping on.

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