Friday 15 June 2012


When I was walking home from church, someone beeped at me in a car and waved. 

Although I couldn't see them, I waved back but then changed it halfway, just in case.

You know, like I have swag or something.

Fortunately, Wonder Thing later informed me that yes, I did know them, so it was okay.

Later on, we were walking into town when this girl on the bus started waving at us. 

Instinctively, we both picked up our hands and waved in a jolly manner.

The girl looked mortified for us.

We looked behind us to see her friends looking at us in total and utter confusion.

Forget Donatello and his Teenage Mutant Ninja lot.

It was Awkward Turtle Time.

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  1. Awkward girl checking in... Ha ha! This post is so random lol and so me!


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