Friday 15 August 2014

Friday Fave: Island Living

Did I ever mention that I was an island girl?

I guess I just assumed that you'd know, what with having mentioned that I live in the UK.
Cheeky definition?

Maybe, haha.

My island has no (native) palm trees, and we mainly have multi-coloured, sea smoothed pebbles instead of gleaming white sand. More likely to catch me in a hoodie than a bikini, clutching a hot chocolate instead of an umbrella drink.... Can you tell the weather has started to turn, and I'm grimly awaiting winter?

When life gets a bit heavy though, and there is gloom and sadness and despair, and smiles are lost, laughter a little bit's nice to have an inexpensive home holiday (staycation) option. So The Wonder Thing and I sprinted off to the South West coast.

To have some time to spend with beloveds, talking and daring each other to dip into the (bloody) freezing water is precious. Eating ridiculously beautiful fish and chips. Cornish pasties. Yellow sandstone cliffs. Men who should know better strutting confidently in Speedos along beach (eek!).

The sun making a rare appearance is great too. Some things we only really appreciate when it's time for them to go. Typical, eh?


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    1. It was indeed! Autumn has come for us though, so now it's more about enjoying what comes after the sunshine and beaches. Glad to hear you're well!


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