Monday 16 July 2012

It takes Two. Sometimes Twice.

Prepare for wonderfully awkward pictures featuring my room as a background.

So after washing my hair on Saturday...

I put it in a puff. 

I know it was lazy and my hair shrunk up and probably got tangled but....I couldn't be bothered. And it was soooo very hot that day. I enjoyed the short breezes flowing through my hair.

I'm easily frustrated. And my [lack of] progress in  the realm of cornrows and flat twisting is something that frustrates me. I've been trying to learn how to do them on myself for years.

Literally. Years.

I keep on practising and they never look right. As someone who never makes an effort, I always feel that when I do make an effort, the results should look amazing. I know this is not how life works, but I can't help it thinking like this: I tried! REWARD ME!

I'd even changed my hasn't-changed-in-10-years-side-part to a centre part for it. The parting was pretty crisp if I say so myself. Well, after about 20 minutes trying to do this style, I got fed up and put it in my favourite style - two buns on either side of my head. I call it my Minnie Mouse bun, because it always reminds me of her ears.

<i>Loom and doom!</i>

This is the only picture I got of it and unfortunately, I look quite like a Heartless* Minnie Mouse.

It's actually the only style I can remember wearing before I got my first relaxer at around 7 years old - I remember asking my mum if I could wear it to school because I had some sort of red accessory I was going to wear with it to look like Minnie Mouse. Unfortunately, that weekend I got a relaxer and ended up with devil horn plaits instead *shudders*

 This actually lasted me a good while - that happened on Sunday, then I washed on Tuesday, re-embracing the slip and shea of my past.

 I did four plaits in order to stretch my hair and reduce the shrinking and left it to dry overnight.

I worked as well as my other usual methods.

The style I choose for the rest of the week came from Shelli on Hairscapades - her Double bun Banana Clip Updo Tutorial.

I didn't use a banana clip, since I no longer have one. Instead, I separated my hair into two using two hairbands/ponytail holders.

Then rolled it around and enthusiastically attacked it with various bobby pins until it held up.

I was so happy with this style that even after swimming on Thursday, even after bentonite claying, I simply put it in again and wore it until...well, today!

I used flaxseed gel on the front and tied it down with a scarf this time in order to try and minimise the fluff halo I usually get. I think it worked reasonably well.

* Eh, reference to the gameplay in Kingdom of Hearts. More info here.


  1. Your hair is beautiful!! Im transitioning and it's really inspiring to see :) Im following..x

  2. Oh, thank you! *blush* I hope your transition goes well :)


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