Monday 23 July 2012

Hair Wilderness

I guess this week was a bit of a fail because I didn't know what to do with my hair. One of my aims was that the style shouldn't take more than half an hour. But I was also hoping that it would last me past swimming on Thursday too. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could throw in a braid/cornrow in there too? As well as looking fit as!

In short, expecting far too much of one hairstyle. I mean, I might as well have put 'do my laundry and hoover the house' to that list, it was so long. I can't do a decent looking cornrow style in aq day, never mind half an hour, so I ended up frutrated that day and basically putting my hand in a bun.

No picture though! I sat on my phone and that was the end of that (camera).

On Tuesday, I was inspired by a girl on bglh, from the post where they showed protective styles of members of the forum.
The bun with the pompadour, by Deidre Leigh? I liked it so much, I decided to hunt down a tutorial for the style.

The aforementioned style starts at around 8 minutes, but she also demonstrates how she uses hair extensions to do two other styles.

Since I don't really use hair extensions, I simply decided to recreate this style on my own hair. I had a bun in the back because the attempts at a viable chignon/french roll simply were not happening.

Then I pincurled my fringe in the front exactly as she does in the video: each of my three sections pincurled up and then bobby pinned down. I rolled the sections up to different lengths to give a slightly more interesting, layered fringe look.

Thursday, I had to prep my hair for swimming. I separated my hair into two sections, slathered with Tresemme Naturals and copious amounts of Felix Capillus. I then did two twists per section and pinned them to my head. It was like a very miniature version of a certain Princess Leia look.

I don't have a picture of the actual style, since I wore this over it.
Even the fringe was stuffed under...
Baker Boy hat - £4 from Peacocks.

Friday, I decided to make an actual effort I (since I was visiting the family and they have much to say about my appearance). So I separated my hair into two ponytails and pinned each section in separate directions, exactly like the style I copied off Shelli [] as mentioned in this post.

By Sunday, it had graduated into one ponytail, separated into two sections with each section pin curled and pinned under.

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