Friday 20 July 2012

Hair Obsessed

Some of Wonder Thing's friends were up visiting. One of them is particularly hair obsessed and refuses to relinquish his obsession, despite constant mockery by the others.

On this particular occasion, he was commiserating the frizz that he could see on his hair.

Him: Agh, I should've used a hair dryer!
Him: I washed my hair but I didn't use a dryer. Now look, it's all frizzy on the top. Look. Look.
Me: *points to her own head* I've got frizz too. I think [I'm not quite sure what frizz actually is, but John Frieda really doesn't seem to like it].
Him: Your hair is supposed to be frizzy. I can't take it. I'm definitely using my hair straighteners tomorrow.

Dude literally has 3 inches of hair and yet owns far more hair tools than I do.

Maybe we should get him a curling iron for his next birthday.....


  1. lol Yup John Frieda definitely would be mildly annoyed at my fuzz halo. You are hilarious.

  2. I have to give credit to him - he is lovely.
    And his hair shines with the glory of a thousand smiling unicorns too, so it's not completely wasted...


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