Monday 21 May 2012

Oops, I did it again...

Remember this?

You know, doing half of my twists, and then leaving it for two days, and then pretending it was a hairstyle and that I totally meant for it to look that way?

Yeah, it happened again.

'Cept this time, I left it 5 days before I finished it. So half of my twists are 1 week older than the others.

You can't tell - they're all fuzzy as anything ^_^

I did them with a tisane of lavender and catnip before using coconut oil as a styler. Squidgy, soft hair. My hair took it all up incredibly fast.

Later on, I somehow found myself left alone with my hair shears....

Despite the fact I think I semi-promised I would give up my random, intermittent snipping.

Some would say that I'm regressing, but you know what?

I regret nothing!

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