Tuesday 29 May 2012

Don't be Tardy to the Party!

As always, I'm later than the White Rabbit when it comes to news (I genuinely need to check my -mails more regularly). Everybody left, right and centre seems to have been attending hair events.

Maybe next time.

I'll be lucky.

Maybe next time....I'll gooooo.
(Glee reference, not Cabaret).

Moping will do me no good.

It's far too late to attend the Manestream Beauty Accessory event, but I'm putting the poster up because I simply adore the picture.

Yes, I will wear massive hair, a headscarf and 1000 rings.
Because I'm worth it.

However, it's not too late to attend the Manestream Beauty's Mixtress Summer Event later this month! In addition, it's only a tenner if you get an early bird ticket ^_^

I will not be able to go, because I'll be in Edinburgh at that time, but if you do manage to go, let's see some awesome pictures!

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