Wednesday 4 May 2016


Is..that a headwrap?


In bright, bold 'African' fabric? You did it yourself? In 5 minutes?

And you wore it all day? Even to work??
And, fear of repetition be acknowledged, KABLAMO!

The thing I learnt was that, whilst wearing a headwrap, you could NOT walk apologetically.
 It won't let you. If you put your head down, with the extra added weight, it's going to go ALLTHUHWAYDOWN. 

So you overcompensate and start lookin' regal and stuffs. Like, "Yes, I would like salt and vinegar - and a bigger kingdom while you're at it, chum. Oh and ketchup too please." 

Queens gotta be polite.

It was AWESOME. And terrifying (draws attention and people reminisce at you about this one time, in Africa..,). Mainly awesome though,

But Simple Thing, why does it look so lumpy though? 
Because it's hiding a purple and not-so-terrible secret...

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