Monday 17 September 2012


On Monday, my hair felt - well, heavy. The shea butter from last week was now backfiring massively against me and my hair felt leaden down and a general shade of bleh.

I dampened my hair with some oat water (you know, when you soak oats, the water turns cloudy? I was making some baked porridge and put too much water in but didn't want to waste it. I siphoned it into a spray bottle). So I threw two tablespoons of greek yoghurt in a bowl with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar (because I'm at my mum's, so I was Grylls-ing it). Mixed them up together and then saturated my sections hair in the mixture. De-tangling with it was pretty easy.

I finished up my baked porridge muffin cups - which tasted great with the yoghurt too! - and then jumped in the shower, made sure to rinse all yoghurt out. Then I conditioned with this random thing:

I'd seen it in the pound shop before, though I'd always seen the ones for darker hair. It claims to contain henna extract, though in what degree...*slightly sceptical look* I don't think there was anything special about it but I enjoyed the change of pace as far as the smell. Tresemm√© Naturals, much as I love it, simply smells like bog standard conditioner. Usually, I prefer tasty smells, like chocolate, or coconut or berries or citrus. As long as I smell edible and not in that synthetic way (like banana flavours tend to be - bleurgh!). This conditioner wasn't yummy - I think it reminded me more of the products my mum used to use on me as a kid. It's got parabens in it, but apart from that, it looks CG-friendly.*

Then I did an oil rinse with my Felix Capillus. I wanted to slick on some aloe vera gel I said, at my mums and my usual things were not available.

Bear Grylls may be unimpressed with my lack of innovation but I don't think my mum'd be best pleased if I started chopping up her cactus plants whilst visiting.

I plopped with a T-shirt, which worked surprisingly well. Usually, the T-shirt is wet and I'm still getting drips down my neck. My family officially have better quality stuff than I do.

Then I french braided my hair in my pajama style, in order to keep it stretched. I took it slower than usual and I enjoyed the results. There were less sections of hair missed and because I was focusing, the braid pattern was discernible and didn't get lost halfway down.. Yay! I cross the ends over and pinned them in place, then wore a flower in it. Like this.

And then I stayed at home, due to laziness saving my energy for the marathon I knew lay ahead.

I really want to cut my hair. But I want to see the length of it as well. And I want to dye it. But I don't think people at work would appreciate it. And I want to play with it but have the convenience of not having to do anything with it.

Decisions, decisions...why so difficult?

*I've been overly sniffing it, in order to jog my memory and now I've got a headache. So, basically, the smell may not be to everyone's taste, like most things.


  1. This hairstyle looks good on you. Right now my hair is a hot mess. I can't keep anything really decent since I started running and it's so thick (which I love) but not prone to quick styling. I should have washed it over the weekend but I was so busy. Today I was going to wash it, but now I feel myself catching a bug or maybe some sinus stuff so I was afraid to get my hair wet. Plus, I don't blow dry it so that equals danger. The doctors all say that having wet hair does not lead to colds, but my experiences say otherwise.

    1. But I saw your running hairstyle on your blog! I thought it was cute AND it really suited you :)
      Yeah, the last time I went to bed with wet hair, I woke up with a cold too, so I join you with calling shenanigans on that piece of advice.

  2. I wanted to cut my hair too! But I have been natural for almost 8 years now so I haven't done it...yet. Give it some time! You won't regret it!

    1. Well, after the last month, I definitely won't be cutting for a while!
      Hopefully :)

      8 years - wow! What made you decide not to cut?


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