Friday 30 March 2012

Neggative Experience

When I came back from church on Sunday, I realised somebody had half-heartedly egged my house.

I say half heartedly, because it was just one egg. Maybe they were aiming for their friend who had quick reflexes or something.

That one lone egg sat just out of reach on the upper rim of the door, which meant I would have to get the mop to clean it off. And it was a hot day, so cleaning was going to happen quick sharp.

As I stood there in my doorway, I have to admit I felt a little bit annoyed.

I mean, come on! It wasn't even Halloween. Who went around on hot, balmy Sunday afternoons carrying an eggs? And then throwing the aforementioned egg? Was it thrown in a fit of anger at a failed omelette?  Were they not aware of the fact that food costs were going up? Or did they not pay for the egg? Had someone not educated them on the proper usage of an egg? Fry it, scramble it, warm it and let it hatch even - but why waste it?

Who had that much money to be chucking eggs? Didn't they know that free-range eggs cost around 25p each?! Or was this not even a free range egg? Was it an egg from a battery egg? Was it fair that this an animal may have been cooped up in dire conditions just so that some irresponsible so-and-so could chuck their produce about?! Did that person even know where the egg had come from?

Whilst finishing off my polish of my door, it's rim and handle, I mused on how reading a Jamie Oliver book the night before could send one's mental thoughts into a completely random direction.

My door was now clean. It was time to move on.

If I could give the mystery egger feedback, I'd just say - next time, just use loo roll.

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