Friday 16 December 2011

Duh Moment: Simple Satin Solution

I'm a rough sleeper. Please believe that when I say rough, I mean wraps-herself-up-in-her-duvet-sandwich-style-and-tosses-and-turns-and-slides-up-and-down-the-bed-while-waving-her-arms-like-she-just-doesn't-care-in-a-single-bed rough.

I think it's fair to say I probably expend more physical energy whilst unconscious than when I am awake.

Due to this, the slinky satin scarf I loving tie onto my head before I go to sleep doesn't stay on for very long, even if I put some head bands on. Tying the headbands on any tighter would undoubtedly block the oxygen to my poor, strained cerebrum and I simply couldn't risk it.

However, neither am I willing to once again deal with the breakage that comes from not wearing an appropriate scarf to bed at night [I've already got some from last weekend, when I forgot my scarf in the pursuit of sewing based glory].

Suffering succotash! Surely a solution should be possible

Safety pins to the rescue!

Simply take a safety pin...

and use it to secure a corner of your scarf to your pillowcase.

Repeat 3 more times for sublime success.

Thus it's settled - No longer is it necessary to stress about surrendering my scarf whilst submersed in the state of sleep.

You can secure the scarf with more safety pins if you so please - I just used four because that's all I could find.

Having been a more regular visitor to my local fabric shop meant I realised that they have a scrap box and occasionally, there is some polyester satin scraps available for the bargain price of about 20p a piece. If a shop near you does a similar thing if you find a big enough piece, you could use on of those as well and save the scarf for wearing under your beanie hats!

However, this comes with a few caveats - obviously I wouldn't really try this with the pillow case of a small child, in fear of the small possibility that they dislodge one and end up pricking themselves during the night.

If you do it for yourself, you have to check it at semi-regular intervals to make sure that the safety pins are still in position too. 


  1. That's even more of a better solution, but at the moment, I can't afford to buy one :) I'm thinking I may end up making one out of scraps later in the year...


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