Friday 2 September 2011

Looking at my Future through my Past - Aspiration Analysis

I hope this post goes up in relative peace and serenity, whilst in real life I suppose I shall be losing my head as easily as people during the Tudor dynasty.

It's interesting looking at the list and seeing what I've done well and where I haven't done so well  and then reflecting on the whys and hows. 

But it's so good to see the stuff that I've been working on, seeing where I started and how far I'm getting. There have been less additions to the list the time around and more editing of old goals to modify them to where my mindset is at now. It's weird to see how much  (and yet, at the same time, how little) I've matured. For example, I use far less exclamation marks than when I first got into the swing of blogging. I like to think that this reduction, as well as my continual use of ellipsis,  shows I've gotten calmer...

General Life and School Aims

 Have an awesome stall at Fresher's Fair!    DONE

Get a  2:1 or a 1st in my degree DONE

 Quit Theatre Group!  DONE

 Finish my dissertation DONE

 Get onto a PGCE DONE

Help my college team get 3rd or 2nd place in the league FAILED 
Two match losses dropped us two places from potentially battling it out for first place to a firm 4th. 
Ah well, we've advanced a lot since being in last place in first year :)

 Stop getting sucked into the ridiculous drama of a certain friend group(s)DONE

 Focus on the Belly dancing society properly DONE

 Stop ignoring my commitments. Or, stop signing up to so many (sssh, pretend we don't see the irony!) DONE -  so far. But a new year brings new opportunities for failure...

Be able to have a gentle conversation in Mandarin and/or Japanese (revising)

Learn to use the family camera (because my camera phone is pants)! 
(I have a beginner's grasp on how to use the camera but my assumption that I would be able to use it freely has been proved wrong. So I think I'm letting this one go).

Do more with the blog - post at least once a week. Maybe do some give aways or something (still working on it - a continual work in progress).

Finish my PGCE

Try and stay organised with my classwork - if that means giving up a hobby or fun class to sort myself out, then so be it

Remember not to be afraid to ask questions about what I don't know - which seems to be a lot.

Start doing yoga/stretching regularly again.

Move out - possibly abroad for a bit.

Hair goals

Hit Bra Strap Length with the hair 
(Really, I'm aiming for Waist Length by 2014. And I've hit Armpit Length (APL) already. But my goal for reaching Bra Strap Length is by the end of December 2012)

Master the art of flat twisting (in progress)

Grow out my mullet sides (because they're not funny any more).

Remember to trim the middle section.

Focusing on Food

6. Cut cake making down to once a month    DONE 
(Perhaps in excess - I haven't baked properly in months)

Get my bento making game up to scratch! 
(in progress - I lost my food container again. But it's going to be even more important this year for me to keep myself fuelled.)

Try some Jackfruit. 
(Because you're only young once...)


Try and get a year without paying any unnecessary library fines.
  (Prompted by having to pay £19 at my library the other day because they'd changed their fining system and I didn't know.)

Out and About

 15. Run a 5k....? Okay, maybe that's reaching a little bit (meh, still thinking about it) [I don't know if I will ever run a 5k - it's not a prospect that excites me greatly at the moment. However, I do want to start this running business properly and am joining a group this autumn]

 Stop being a chicken and get someone to teach me how to swim properly (Finally taking the plunge  [heh heh] this autumn, as soon as my leisure centre sorts out its swimming schedule)

 And skate. Preferably roller, since I don't like the cold. (Another activity taking place this autumn, now that I've found a seemingly wonderful group that I hope to be able to access at least on a monthly basis. I'm seriously, seriously excited about this)

If the J.E.T programme doesn't happen, go to France for the summer. 
(*Sigh* This is probably my greatest disappointment. I was placed on the Alternate list for the JET programme and assumed that I would be eligible because of the disaster in March that meant people would be reluctant to go. This prediction proved correct. However, the changes in tuition fees meant that my PGCE university is not making any deferrals at all. So I could've gone to  Japan this year, but I can't do my PGCE interview whilst abroad. And then I needed to work this summer, so no flitting off abroad for me!)

 Get creative with my crafting and try and finish at least one project a month (Oh, another way to fail! However, winter is coming up...and that means hats! Lots and lots of lovely hats for me to start cracking on with)

I'm more than a little eager to get my teeth into this next step now - roll on Autumn!


  1. You have a lot of goals. Best wishes to you. :-)

    My reality is that I too have a lot of goals, but have gotten caught up in the chaos of having so many that it seems I can't get them done properly. Needless to say, my mind is always preoccupied. lol Yes, I'm a work in progress. lol

  2. Thank you!

    My problem is the same: Too busy aiming in a thousand different directions that I don't even finish one off. I think maybe I need to stick this list out and put it on my wall, or something... a WIP is never a bad thing :)

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