Monday 29 August 2011

A Grand Plan

Whilst desperately working my butt off this summer, in the midst of beating off boredom, apathy and wasps, I suddenly had A Bright Idea.

Why don't I try and save up £1000? 

It's not that I've never had £1000 in my bank account before, but that money, dutifully loaned to me by the Student Loan Company to maintain my very existence, was usually already earmarked for 'rent.'. 

I have never in my life had £1000 to call my own, that I could control without having it already destined for some greater, other purpose. I'm that type of student they talk about in the news - not the one who didn't need to worry about fees too much since they already had had some money tucked away, but the one whose entire university education was based completely on loans. And in the face of the £20,000+ debt I currently owe the Student Loan Company, I think £1000 would be a little ray of sunshine.

So, I thought to myself, why not? My jobs this summer have given me a nice spring board of about £400. That means that there'd £600 left on me to somehow raise, by this time next year.

Why a grand? Why not two or three or ten? 

Well, for me, it's a realistic goal. It's something I can see myself working towards and at the same time, it's a goal I'd be happy to achieve, but at the same time, it's a bit of a challenge. A goal that my thrifty skills can  A nice little pillow of money so that if things  go belly up [as they are wont to do], then I wouldn't be in such a tight spot.

Hopefully, by now, I should have opened my very first ISA to get the ball rolling.

Oh my goodness. I'll have an ISA. Does this mean I'll be an adult soon?

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