Friday 5 August 2011

British Bloggers - Part 2

I remember ranting a while about the distinct lack of British bloggers that I could find.

A year, it hasn't exactly changed the situation. But it's gotten better. Or, you know, I just stopped being so lazy.

Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers
JC at Natural Haven
Natural Belle
The Natural Lounge
Simone's Crazy World
Naturally Random
Wande's World
Leila-Jean at FusionofCultures
SoFroLushes Hair Chronicles
Lionness Mane (LeiLei08)
Pamera (not a blog - a fotki. She has lovely hair and is a fan of weaves).
Spelt with a C
GirlsLoveYourCurls (I love her recollections and reconstructions of her own experiences with her hair in her videos, though her product selection makes me think she's not in the UK any more...seriously guys, what's with all the emigrating to America?!)
CareForYourHair and the facebook page
Lolascrib and her blog LolasCurls
My Kinks and Curls
That Girl With The Fro
Naturally Speaking
Loc Evolution
Me, My Locs and I
Holistic Locs
Moderne Maid
Curly Beautys (in Denmark)
The Naprika
My Long Hair Journey (Natural and Relaxed Hair)
Revive UK
Lela Devine
There is another (British) blog that I just happen to love reading that doesn't have much to do with hair:

Yoruba Girl Dancing [Uh. There aren't enough words to describe how much I love this woman's writing. She talks about feminism. What Bradley Cooper does to certain people's ovaries. And other things I wish I was intelligent enough to come up with first. I'm just going to stop now. But just know this - when she came back from hiatus, I did a little dance of pure elicited joy].

This is not a definitive list - these are simply the blogs I've found and remembered to bookmark. If you've found any more good ones, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for this list and thanks for mentioning me :D

  2. Oooo I need to look at some of these!

    I will add The Natural Lounge and Wande's World :)

  3. No problem Simone ^_^ And I was surprised at how many there were if I just looked hard enough.

  4. Also, thank you JC! I was sure I'd put The Natural Lounge up but when I was editing it, it must have disappeared. I'm enjoying reading Wande's World though!

  5. Thanks so much for such an amazing bunch of links!

  6. You're too kind!
    My ego is now uncomfortably inflated - thanks a bunch.

  7. Ah, no problem.

    *massive fan girl squeal*

  8. Thanks! I'm always looking for more blogs the last ones looks especially interesting. I could do without Bradley Cooper lol but I like the feminism part.

  9. I'm not a Bradley Cooper fan, but I thought her take on it was funny. Also, as a language geek, I was instantly struck envious by his fluency and confidence in another language..


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