Monday 7 November 2011

Nathan vs Rudy: The Defense for the Split Psycho

You may have guessed by now that I'm a little bit of a TV addict. I love shows like K-drama, Glee (loved?) and Misfits!

Misfits is a British science-fiction-comedy (bear with me) that I kind of adore.

I'll admit that when I first saw the trailers and the Littlest Sis' addiction to this show, I was not impressed. The characters swore, did the dirty in the dirtiest way and simply didn't fascinating at all.

And then I actually watched the show.

3 seasons later, I'm still completely and totally hooked on this delicious and weird mix of Heroes meets better meets any teenage soap opera you can think of.

I may be exaggerating a lot.

For all major and minor fans, the advent of Season 3 brought a massive shock - the exit of Nathan, played by Robert Sheehan.

Aw, they were so cute together!

Anyway. The reception of this news horrified upset quite a few of my family who were in love obsessed with mild, sane fans of Robert Sheehan, and they immediately wrote off the entire series and the new character Rudy as a poor man's Nathan.

Seriously? Just because of one character's (voluntary) exit?

Let me try and persuade you why you should give this Season a chance [Spoilers abound, as I wish to speak freely].

1. Hello? Everyone else is still there!: Now that people have stopped focusing so much on Nathan and his atrociousness, it gives the other characters a chance to shine and have some time in the limelight. Come ON. How can you write off a character like Kelly? She's an [expletive] rocket scientist! Curtis is still mopey as anything, but the writers are having a lot of fun upsetting his constant seriousness. Also, though I am team Alimon/Silisha for as long as she treats him right, that dynamic is just waiting to explode.
Who doesn't want to see when that eventually happen?
It's going to be MASSIVE.
And people's lives will probably be risked, so there's extra tension.

2. Rudy is not a poor man's Nathan: Look. Nathan was nice. But he was a psycho. I'm not even going to mention some of the various things he did, because if you know Nathan then you already know. He was a total sociopath with whose main emotional weak spot was caring about his own interests [hence the immortality methinks]. He was funny, but you didn't want to be in the same room as him...ooh, that sort of thing could give you nightmares! Be honest - if he hadn't had that distracting mop of hair and an Irish accent, you'd have hated him. If Nathan had been Brummie, nobody would've liked him.
Rudy on the other hand, is also kind of crazy, but seeing his inner id makes him human. He has insecurities, and he's tortured and his actions actually have a very real effect on him. He's like Nathan, but more unpredictable because he is not simply a hurtling cannonball heading for utter destruction and rabbit poop [you know what I mean, guys *knowing look*] - he veers off at random emotional intervals.

3. As of yet, Rudy has no ties: One of the most interesting things about Misfits is the character development. Simon, the quiet, cutely creepy arsonist turned building leaping hero; Kelly, initially viewed as the indelicate chav turns out to be the heart of the entire operation; Alisha, seeming only to depend on her physicality now having to express and explore her emotions on a deeper level and with someone who she is certain cares deeply for her as a person. I want to see his journey! I want to see who Rudy develops deep friendships, or affixes his affections to.
I'm nosey, okay?

4. Also, how sweet is Rudy's inner self/id/double/projected consciousness?
I love how Rudy has conversations with himself. I can't get over how talented an actor Joe Gilgun is. I think a part of my head simply thinks he has a twin and each twin plays the separate Rudy entities. But it's one person. And sometimes that blows me away.
And sometimes it just really makes me laugh.

A day later....

Bad Rudy.

5. Because I need people to discuss this with: Completely self-explanatory, really. I've had so many great shows cancelled on me without a proper resolution that I might just give up watching television if this series goes down the pan too.

Then I shall actually have to get a life and nobody really wants that to happen at all, do they?


  1. thank you, i really really 100% agree with you, and i hate HATE people who abandoned the show when Nathan left, Rudy is by far a better actor and deserves much more attention and recognition.

  2. I agree with you too. At first I was skeptical because to me, Nathan was the face of the show. And I didn't want to watch it if it didn't have a face.

    But I did and although it was hard at first, it still caught me in total amazement. And Rudy grew on me as I proceed to watch. Now, I think Rudy is better. He's even cuter than Nathan was, but in a different way.

    But I just watched the end of Curtis and I'm not sure if i want to watch the rest of the series... since the original gang is all gone. But maybe it would be alright. I think i want to watch the rest of season four and season five. I will. :)

    1. Yeah...the elimination of the original five seemed too close together....I needed some mourning time, you know? After the Simon and Alisha episode, I just kind of took a break, haha. It was all a bit much! But Rudy is definitely charming in a way that doesn't make you feel a bit icky and like you have to wash your hands after (sorry Nathan).


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