Sunday 26 November 2017

Simple Henna Experiement

What is in this unholy mix, I hear you ask?

It contains the following:                                                   
2 tablespoons of the Henna Mix - for strength
1 tablespoon amla powder - to reduce shedding
1 teaspoon of guar gum - added slip and thickening
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar - to help release the henna dye, though after a week in the freezer, I don't think it needs any!

I'd left my hair in the four plaits from last week, so just unravelled them first in a sort of braid out.

I slathered it on to my head - one side definitely got more than the other - and thankfully it went on very smoothly. Then I covered with the very last 'deep conditioning' [I call it a shower] cap that I found in my cabinet and left it on for 2 hours.

 No itching, as reported by hairscapades, so I'm hopeful that I'm not allergic to the amla and it won't cause excessive shedding!

I initially rinsed with the nettle and horsetail tea that I'd make earlier this week# (1 tsp of horsetail, 1 teaspoon of nettle,  500ml of hot water, half a teaspoon of silk peptide powder when it had cooled) because I saw this as another chance to prevent product wasteage, use it up and boost my pre-shampoo treatment at the same time! Then I rinsed each side until the water ran clear.

Then I co-washed with Eden Bodyworks Coconut Cowash - this was to get the bits out.

One thing I do not miss about Ayurvedic routines 😐 😒 Although it wasn't as horrific as back in the day (when you'd basically be pulling twigs out 5 days later), I know there are stiiill tiny, miniscule bits left.

I washed my scalp with a little bit of Anita Grant's Kelp and Ylang ylang Babassu Shampoo bar and the top of my hair and rinsed it out.

Then I added Shea Moisture's JCBO Masque throughout my hair for some extra moisture, though my hair didn't feel hard or crunchy. Slightly stronger, yes, like the first time I used Aphogee's 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor*.

I always do one side, rinse and put in the next part, then move onto the other side of my head. I rinsed with a diluted ACV liquid, then rinsed it out.

I dried briefly with a T-shirt just to mop up all the extra water and then applied Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk* and Almocado's Coco Curl Moisture Cream.

It was my first time using the Coco Curl Cream and my first impression I think I love it even more than the Twist and Twirl as a sealant - my hair has actually seemed to 'absorb' it and I have no white residue on the ends!

I've plaited my two sections into three plaits each and done the shake test (where I shake my hair - if the plaits and twists move and jiggle, we're good. If not, I consider myself not at the proper moisture level).

I hope that's me done, hair wise, for this week.

I'm hoping not to touch my hair for another *counts on fingers* two weeks, but that never really happens so we'll see. 😂

*I bought these products from my local Afro hair and beauty store, but I know they're not everywhere for everyone, so this was the easiest alternative I could think of. 'Course I don't get paid for any of this! 😁

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