Saturday 22 July 2017

This Week's Tea

You ready, huh?

Welp, sorry to disappoint you. But the only scandalous thing around here (at the moment) is my shedding - absolutely shameful!

Every now and then I think to myself, what if collecting the hair from the shower drain didn't have to feel like a disturbing hair loss scene from a movie (yep, that exact scene from a nightmare you just had that just played out in your head).

I put it next to and on top of a fiver for comparison....

Natural afro hair shedding
SorrynotsorryWinston old chap!

If I'm tryna get my hair to waist length, it make sense to keep as much of it on my head as possible, no??
Well, I'm going for a two fold attack. On the outside and from the inside.
Using that good old British method of....tea.
Apparently, I don't need to do a tea rinse every week, but I'm a Sceptical Sally at the best of times, so I'll be doing it anyway and checking my results.

So this week's Hair Tea: Nettle Leaves and Black Tea with Forest Fruits (I don't expect the forest fruits to do much, they just happen to be in there).

Nettle tea, black tea leaves, combat afro hair shedding

I forgot about it steeped the tea for a few hours. I love the colour of black tea - a rich, amber-based hazelnut tone.

After cowashing with my fave (Eden Bodyworks Coconut Cowash), I applied this all over my scalp and then added on Mielle Organics Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner. The first time I used it, my left eye started tingling, but this time it was totally okay.

When I saw my shedding afterwards, I was like

Reduced afro hair shedding
Queen's turn to get blocked out.
Does this count as treason?

LOOOOOOOOK at God! I thought And the power of tea! Oh my dayyyys, I'm saved! From excessive shedding and outrageous clean up time!

Then I was stupid and pushed my luck by stretching on my still quite wet hair....
That's almost definitely all breakage in that third section on the left....
I mean, Mielle Organics White Peony Leave In and Almocado Twist and Twirl Buttercream tried their hardest, but most of that is actual breakage.

Note to self: No to stretching/styling my wet hair.

So. Much. Regret.

Drinking tea: Spearmint leaves.

Spearmint tea
I've heard on the grapevine (scroll dooowwn) and in some medical journals that spearmint tea helps reduce/block levels of androgen hormones...hormones such as DHT.

You know, the stuff that people are always telling you causes hair loss and shedding?
So I'm on that. I can do herbal tisanes. 2 cups a day? Pffft, child's play. Done before lunchtime.
I picked mine up from a health food shop in Cambridge.

In the UK, if you can't find spearmint tea in your supermarkets, I'd advice you to check out the nearest health food store where the people wearing vegan leather sandals like to go OR check out the Tea Palace.

If you're Stateside and want some Spearmint goodness, getchu some of IvyTeasCo's C.R.E.A.M tea (nope, not sponsored [HA!] I just LOVE everything she stands for ).

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