Monday 22 August 2011

Working Girl

Yours truly has been working.

I say 'been working' as opposed to 'a job' as I am currently a temp.

My previous mode of employment this summer involved hawking food at a 3 day event for at least 8 hours a day. Since our stall was the only one of its kind at the event, the line was long and constant. 8 hours of gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) customer demand eventually takes its toll on your tootsies!

At the moment, I'm  currently working in a factory for 8 hours a day nearly midnight.

The deafening thunder of the industrial machines is dulled to a background thrumming by ear protectors that also prevent us workers from speaking clearly to each other. But we've managed to develop our own methods of communication, mainly dependant on exaggerated facial expression, subtle hand gestures and pointing. If we lean in close, we can talk, but we rarely have time with that except for those closest in proximity to us.

Oh, what a glamourous life I live!

Chocolate is now my mainstay to make sure that I have enough superficial energy to keep going for my shift.

But it's been inspiring in a lot of different ways. On our breaks we chat (and I eat biscuits). Many of the people  working there speak more than one language (one guy speaks five) and we all have plans to get out of the factory as soon as our contracts are up in order to move onwards and upwards. For all of us, it's merely a means to a far bigger end.

Ambition is not something that is lacking amongst us temps and it encourages and reminds me of my own plans for the future. It means that when the weekend rolls around, that free time to spend as we wish is more precious than gold.


  1. Hey:)
    First off, i've been a lurker on this blog for a good long thank you for your comedy and its quite odd how we share a love for cooking and james blake, among other things!
    Anyway...I wanted to ask how you got your factory job as well as the temp gig. And i want to start a night job, are they as relentless as they seem? Help!!

  2. Hiya Mwesh! Lovely to hear from you :)
    I found the factory job through the Directgov's job search :

    I whittled it down by my post code and stuff. As well as that, I went around the town centre, checked the jobs in the local Job centre and just generally asked around. I gave my CV to some local recruitment agencies/temping agencies as well. It took them about two weeks to get back to me with something. Someone somewhere will know someone who needs help.
    I think it depends on the job. Mine wasn't the night shift - it was just the evening one, but I found it hard since I don't usually stay up that late. I think if you're a morning person, it may be hellish trying to keep up with your social life and ordinary habits at the same time.

    Sorry for the essay! Hope it helps a little ^_^

  3. No need for apology for the essay....I would need one if it wasn't:)

    I already have a Sunday one, so I was guessing a night one during weekday would make sense. But after talking to a few people+long and hard thought, an evening one is better. I have a few care homes lined up, and a christmas royal mail casual....oh, the life of a pauper student!

    Thanks for your input...all the best in your PCGE(have you done that yet?) I'll be sure to lurk less and comment more!

  4. Whoa, sounds like you've got yourself sorted. Remember to take a break and enjoy a bit of the moola you'll be making.
    I'm doing it at the moment, but thank you so much! It'll be nice to see you around more :)


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