Tuesday 2 August 2011

Twisout attempt 1

My hair was dry and I wanted to do something with it, as well as test out my latest shea butter mix. It was not freshly washed and detangled.

Products used: Giovanni Direct Leave In and Bee Mine Curly Rip off. And a little water to make the ends curl. Oil Mix made mainly of Olive Oil to take down.

Any special technique?: Nope. Just applied the Direct Leave In to my dry hair, then the shead butter cream for styling and hold. Then I dipped the ends in water and twirled them around my fingers and left them as I went about making a small supper and cleaning armchairs.

Number of twists: 20 medium to large sized twists and two small ones (for my fringe/bangs).

Time left in: 4 hours.

Resulting twisout:

The Sideshow Bob effect is so difficult to eliminate!

Verdict: I really like it - it's light and fluffy with awesome definition for such a short amount of time.
Although you can't see it, I didn't really do a parting, but next time I'd prefer to do a side parting. The straight on baby doll fringe look was not flattering of my face much

The pictures don't do this twistout justice. It looks absolutely gorgeous face on. Even as I type this, I keep getting up to look at it in the mirror. My hair is soft and fluffy at the roots and I'm doing my best not to touch it but it's so hard. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't feel all that oily. I'm disappointed that, as I write this, it is half eight at night and I have nowhere to go. If I was going anywhere, I would sort myself out with a big, bright bow headband. The shape resembles a mushroom a little bit, but vegetables are good for you.
The Littlest Sis liked it, so it must be good.

But instead, I'm staying in and watching The Hour. Such is life.

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