Friday 23 September 2011

Duh Moment: Oh Snap!

Snapped whilst I attempted a bun...

My first outing with a banana clip? No good. It quickly lost its a -peel.
What? Come on, that was a good one!

Font continuity? What's that?

So I thought I'd try something with a hair comb instead...

Maybe they're still in there.

Maybe this happened because my hair was tired of bunning.

Or maybe it was telling me to stop being so lame and get some studier, non plastic hair accessories.


  1. lol a-peel

    My hair breaks these too as well as claw clips. My go to quick style is two stacked buns (because my hair also rips elastic bands) or pig tails. Basically trying to put all my hair together does not work. Dividing it into two sections always works.

  2. Yeah, I find it easier when my hair is in two as well, but when I'm trying to be sleek and professional, I fool myself I can fit my hair into one.

    Obviously, I'm only fooling myself.


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