Monday 18 April 2011

A Blessed Simple Thing

Upon receiving a phone call from me where I was slightly upset (potentially on the verge of tears, let's not talk about that) about my loss, The Wonder Thing came straight over...

and he even bought me flowers.

Truly, he lives up to his name! 

Which didn't exactly help stem the (extremely mild) flow of tears.

And then, upon finding out that I was going to have to catch up on a few thousand words of my dissertation because I am a numpty who does not know the word 'back-up', as well as completing the entire thing, he made me a delicious Victoria sponge cake (sandwiched together with delectable globs of butter cream and jam) to keep me going ('cos I loooove the cake!).

It was the size of a dinner plate.

Would have taken a better picture if I hadn't been so eager to start on it...

Om, nom nom nom nompfh!

That was what it  looked like after the first day.

I don't have any pictures for the second day because, if I remember correctly, it was gone.

And my family came up with a new laptop, which I am currently typing on now, and removed the empty husk that used to be previous work companion.

Two words describe my life: Joyful and Blessed

And some blessings you've got to work for so like many of my peers, I'll be away from my blog hitting the books once again, but I've got some scheduled posts will to be going up, and I'll be popping back every now and then to see how it's going.

And commenting on other blogs in random, yet predictable moments of procrastination.

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