Saturday 5 June 2010

*Insert Superhero Music Here* My mission is...

..or rather, what the flip is this blog all about?
Well, it was originally to be called 'Sane, Silly, Serious' and I would post within those categories. But then I had too many 'Random' post ideas that didn't really fit neatly within any of them, so that idea was scrapped.
The theme of this is almost the same as my friends 21st birthday, which was "Help me find morals and an agenda" and included 10 bars/pubs/clubs.
Ah. The Youth of today. We give you hope :)
So it's called 'A Bountiful Thing' because I do a lot, have a bountifulness of social activites.

I do so much running about I should really have some sort of collective, overall activities scholarship. (I like to play sports)
I work my hook and needles like there's no yarn tomorrow! (I also knit and crochet)
My fro is cool. 'Tis official. (I am an advocate of 'natural', non-relaxed hair)
My cornbread brings all my friend to my yard! (I like to bake. And cook).

I eat and love and and try and be green and I think (therefore my brain hurteth) and draw and talk others to insanity.
Don't be deluded into thinking I actually do any of this well.
I just do them.
Thing I don't do include fashion and make up, as I literally cannot afford to be that trendy, and heavy metal rock music.
What? I have sensitive ears!

I'm A Simple Thing because...well....I'm a bit on the simple side. This is a fact pointed out to me by my very own mother who, I think, despairs at what she thinks is my lack of ambition.
I have ambition. Just not a lot, okay?
Then again, I'm simple according to the meaning of the word according to the original Latin word 'Simplex', meaning 'straightforward'.

So, uh, what exactly are you trying to get at? T_T What's the point of this blog?
Ah. If only it were that simple. There are many points and purposes: A sanctuary for my incessant rambling, to ease the burden on my beleaguered friends; Somewhere I can look over my past (non-)achievements and hopefully see an improvement of some sort.
Also, when I am old and grey, I will give my grandkids this link, in order to be able to say "Yo! Look, your Grandma was hip and cool! I was down widdit!" And possibly do the hand cracking thing, depending on how bad my arthritis/osteoporosis is.

So I will hopefully be getting a camera of some sort and adding pictures (because if a blog has no may be read! Perish the very thought! Also, I have a short attention span, so I will get bored halfway through writing it and that just smacks of irony).

Ahem. So. Yes.


  1. I just saw your link from BGLH via a comment you posted. I really like your blog. Just sharing.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^_^


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