Sunday 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

So today, in the United Kingdom, it's Father's Day! Yay for daddies! All over the country (and in the world) fathers everywhere will be woken up by lovingly made breakfasts of sugary cereal or fry-ups and a drink of coffee or orange juice.

It's a bit of a nightmare buying presents for Dads unless they're really heavily into something, like football, or golf.
When I was younger, I used to *HATE* commercialised days like these - and I still have some serious feelings that cause me to despise Valentine's Day with a serious passion (that rant should be exciting).
Buuuuuut, in cases of Mother's and Father's Day, I think it serves as a way to remind people to appreciate their parents - especially little kids, who tend to forget how amazing their Mummy or Daddy actually is (especially if they've just gotten in trouble for doing something silly, and sulking).
My Papito is amazing and quiet and loving. He is our superhero and my siblings and I love him very much!

Happy Father's Day, Pappy!

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