Monday 18 January 2016

I'm in - Love Your Tresses 6 month challenge!

How long has it been since I jumped on someone else's challenge bandwagon? I mean, I set myself my own, but that got a little bit side, it's better with friends, amirite? (Yeah!)

Anyway! Fiona of LYT is hosting a challenge and I am in like chicken (that made more sense in my head - please, don't judge me in my delicate state).

Her rules look like my usual to-do list/self-care goals, so no major change ups, which is great as I am notoriously rubbish with making monumental changes to my lifestyle - yay!

Also, we use the same leave-in so it must be fate *pushes box stuffed with various other leave-ins out of sight*

I'll be doing all the rules, except rule number 9 - far too lazy, no other reason.

My only addition, in light of my busted gut, is:
Rule 11: Eat to heal my gut.
Rule 12: Chill out more productively.

So - here's my contribution to Rule number 1 - my starting photo(s) I think of my hair in four quadrants: Left and right, then top and bottom of each.

Left bottom length: Healthy looking 10 inches, anaemic looking 11.5 inches - Arm Pit Length

Left top length: Same as above - healthy 10 inches, wispy 11.5 inches - shoulder length.

Right bottom length: 10 inches - just above Armpit Length (APL)

Right top length: 11.5 inches - collar bone.

I don't have any goals as such (but let's be honest, retaining enough to reach bra strap length by June would be lovely) - mainly,  I'd just like it to stop falling out so much!


  1. Hummmm....I might need to jump on this too. Not because I'm length obsessed at the moment (although who wouldn't really want longer tresses), but because I'm neglecting my hair and this might help me make good choices. Does it count that I just took a Vitamin D3 supplement?

    BTW, I didn't realize your hair was sooo long! Go'on, girl! xxx

    1. It definitely counts! I count it when I even consider eating a clementine - I'm of that 'it's the thought that counts' club, haha! Looking after yourself is hard...but I keep reminding myself to be grateful that I have the resources and wherewithal to make it happen when I chose (I just choose not to a lot of the time...)

      Thanks for the encouragement! It's like Rocky music to my ears :D xx

  2. lol!

    Ok, let me do a quick post so that I can join in on the challenge. Today's the deadline for bloggers...

  3. So excited that you've joined!!!! Lol @ in it like chicken!!!! :) Excited to see your progress and glad it's not a stressful challenge for you! xxx

    1. Thank you for hosting this challenge! It's really encouraging me to step my game up and not feel like I'm too late in the game :D

  4. It's definitely better with friends. The challenge rules seem pretty fair. I'm gonna be more intentional with my hair health this year too. Sign me up.

    1. *Throws confetti* The more the merrier - welcome Geri!


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