Wednesday 23 December 2015

Quick Cowash.

Christmas Eve eve and I decided to wash my hair (and also brave the rain, hail and wind to buy the Wonder Thing's present a little late. Oops!)

I only used two three things, because I was in a rush but also because I thought I was being an evil genius and had a plan.

We'll see how that works out.

I pre-pooed with coconut oil for about half an hour, and then jumped into the shower and started massaging As I Am Coconut Cowash into my scalp and smoothing it down my hair,
I quickly rinsed it out and then added Shea Moisture  JBCO Masque on each half of my hair and plaited each half. I left it on while I completed my ablution (*scrubscbrubscrub*) and then I rinsed it out whilst still in the plaits.

After I was dressed, I simply took down each plaited half and turned each plait 'section' into a plait itself. So I ended up with about three on each side and a braided/plaited fringe too.

I didn't use a leave in because I wanted my hair to dry faster. I was also kinda hoping to have my hair stretched enough from the plaits/braids so that I could use it for a more defined twist out, in lieu of my Curlformers that are, unfortunately, over 100 miles away.

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