Friday 8 March 2013

Great Minds...

I haven't changed the look of my blog since it's inception because I already have an idea of what I want it to be. The most important and frustrating part for me is my header - I'd always imagined it as a woman somewhere pouring coconut milk from a coconut, maybe on an island or a beach, under a palm tree. And then I would change it up every season or something. It's because my blog was named both for the abundance of stuff I hoped to blog about, as well as a pun on my favourite chocolate bar - Bounty. So I imagined it in similar colours, of  blue and white, with highlights of gold, pale green and orange.

See, chocolate can be a source of inspiration!
Since I'm doing it by myself, it's taking me a while to perfect and learn the skills to make my ideas a reality (an amateur with perfectionist ambitions - the worst, right?)

Well, this morning, I was reading my e-mails and noticed I'd gotten one from Akamuti (a British based company that sells organic and fair trade cosmetic ingredients) about celebrating their  tenth year. I bought some oils from them a while ago, so I still get e-mails. I suddenly noticed their avatar:

Guys. My jaw actually dropped and I was hard pressed to pick it up. How had they gotten into my head and gotten that near exact picture?? (Only the hair is different - I was thinking more of a fluffy puff type thing). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - now I had a real life template for my banner, but I don't want to be accused of plagarism somewhere down the line, haha!

Here's their home page:

After clicking along the different tabs, I realised they had a similar template for the women, but the settings, skin and hair colours and accessories were different.

I promise they haven't sponsored me to write this - I was just blown away by the similarity!

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