Monday 25 February 2013

Wash Day

Since I took so long to put my mini-twists in (finished them Saturday evening), and I didn't want the Curlformer curls to get shrunken, my head /hair hadn't been washed in just over a week. Although the Aloe Vera Juice and Shea butter had done a good job in keeping my hair moisturised for the best part of 4 days, more was needed; hence, the large amount of conditioner used this time around - my hair was craving it mightily. and absorbed it ALL. No drippies on the wall, no siree.
The coconut oil was added in after primarily to semi-mask the smell of the aloe vera juice, but I know that there is some added moisture benefits too.

So I hopped to it  - so quickly in fact, I forgot to pre-poo and do an apple cider vinegar rinse after. Whoopsie.

1) Rinsed through hair and scalp with warm water. 2) Applied Burt's Bronner's Magic Lavender Liquid Soap and gently massaged into my scalp. Rinsed thoroughly. Repeated. 3) Added approximately 3 handfuls of Garnier Ultra Doux Vanille & Papaye Conditioner. Left in for about 5 minutes, then rinsed. 4) I wrapped my head in a towel while I sorted myself out, and then added some aloe vera juice. 5) Added some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on top.

And...that's it. Honestly. It was very short and quick, which is always great because spending a fortnight in the shower is not where my passions lay.

                                                          It's an ardent pleasure to return to the convenience of twists.


  1. You know I've really embraced twists this year. Now I've never tried mini twists and will not because I certain beyond the shadow of doubt that I would have dreadlocs in a matter of days. lol Yeah, that's just how much my hair loves to twist around itself. Your hair just keeps on growing and looking healthy. I've definitely got to invest a little more time in the moisture department to keep up with the seasonal changes.

    Check out my "trim" video on my Saturday post from 3.2.13. :-)

  2. Haha, at least you know your hair - always a great sign! And I will do, definitely :)


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