Tuesday 5 February 2013

Homely and I know it...

After my wash day last week, I again put my hair in twists - at least, like I'd tried to do the week prior. I was going to add some Curlformers to the end, for a twist and curlformer set but I decided to leave it as they are and just wear them in a ponytail.

Wearing chunky twists isn't exactly a la mode from all the tutorials I've seen. Which is kind of funny, seeing how practical and easy they are.

That probably explains the lack of tutorials on them then...

 I think reading other people's blogs and experiences can be really helpful - I got the idea to wear my stretch style out of the house from Shelli (who is also doing the same thing coincidentally).

However, I'm probably going to leave it until my next wash day instead of when I have time to style it again. .

My horizons of what's possible and what I find acceptable for me are being gently nudged and I like it.

I was still surprised when I got complimented on it though!

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