Friday 26 October 2012

Needs Vs Want

Can I ask you a question? 
Wonder: Yeah, course. 
Me: Do you think £194 is too much to pay for a hair dryer? 
Housemate from next room: No!! / Wonder: What?! 
Me: Actually, it's in dollars. So it'd only be about £120... 
Wonder: .... You're kidding. What does the site say when you convert it to pounds? 
Me: I didn't say I was going to buy it! It's just...research. 
Wonder: You can't be serious. I've seen you walk half a mile to save 30p and now you want to splash out on a £200 hairdryer?!  
Housemate from next room: You get what you pay for!
Me: Like an investment? 
Wonder: I have a hairdryer! You can just use mine (We have already seen evidence of his friend's love of hair tools, so I guess this admission was inevitable. Didn't make it any less funny). 
Me: Well, does it have *reading from the site* 3 heat settings, a cool shot and tourmaline crystals? And ions? 
Wonder Thing: blows hot hair like a hair dryer should -_- 
Me:  Ion deficiency is really bad. A hairdryer needs 'em! Ions are important!
Housemate from next room: Very important! 

Oh, looks like I got ions and iron confused. My bad.

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