Thursday 16 February 2012

Twenty is Plenty - Week 2


I bought a lot of meat this week - minced beef, chicken fillets and some chicken drumsticks. Most of my financial blow out this week was directly connected to Valentine's Day, because I had a get together and provided all the food and drink. The other alternative I guess was getting everyone to chip in for Dominos, but I dislike the pressure this puts on people to give money that they don't have because everyone else is doing it.
Plus the waiting time is a pain.
So I cooked for 8 people on Tuesday, 2 people for 3 days and will be cooking for 3 people on Friday so I guess doing that all for around £40 is pretty decent.
Well, technically, I spent more like £55 but while I was running around like a headless chicken looking for buttermilk that was not there, the Wonder Thing acted like a ninja and paid for my shopping -___-

I actually said "Um. Hi. What happens to the bit where I pay for my food?"
The Wonder Thing: "I already paid."
Me: "Why????"

There were two reasons, he said, for paying: 1) Most of the meat I'd bought that weekend was for us. I don't usually tend to buy meat that often and definitely not in those numbers.
2) He had agreed to give me a Sainsburys voucher but had used it on his own shopping instead.

Me: "There is a massive difference between a £3 voucher and a £20 shop. But thank you. ^_^"

Anyway, I also grabbed some instant food (over the week, a hot chocolate, some delicious hand cut chips, a muffin and a pasty, arrrhhh!) which added up to just under a tenner's worth of damage.

On the bright side, I have a bit lot of food left over, so I'm at least mildly sorted for at least half another week.

So I'm still going to need to go shopping again this weekend...

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