Wednesday 22 February 2012

Mixtress Mischief: Felix Capillus

Name that Harry Potter reference!

I do enjoy the Harry Potter books and one of my favourite descriptions was that of Felix Felicis. Meaning 'Liquid Luck', it was described as having a shining gold appearance, resembling molten gold. Small droplets leaping like goldfish above the potion's surface upon completion. Even though I never seen a goldfish leap - they're lazy as anything. Whoever takes the potion is  made lucky for a certain period of time and to be successful at whatever they attempt.

So what am I geeking on about Harry Potter for?

Well, I made up this oil mix and it just reminded me of that description. Not that it has a shining appearance and it doesn't resemble molten gold either. And heaven forbid it start leaping about like goldfish.

But when I used this on my hair to trap in moisture or to soup up my conditioner, it definitely works for me. Every time - success. 

So here we have my (very simple) recipe for some Hairy Luck:

Castor Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Wheatgerm Oil
Coconut oil [in summer, to avoid it freezing on me in winter] or Sweet Almond Oil
Argan Oil [optional, I have some and am using it up]
Ylang Ylang


  1. For the HP reference alone, I'd follow your blog. *LOL* But I will definitely be trying this!

  2. Where do you buy your oils from? Online?

    P.S. I loved the geeky reference. I was like whaaat it's felix felicis and then I got your joke lol.

    1. Well, my Castor and Coconut Oil I get from my local Indian grocer's, . The essential oils I get from Hollands and Barretts or from a health food shop (whichever is cheaper).
      Grapeseed I got from Sainsburys, though I know it's also available in health food shops too . Hope that helps a little!


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