Monday 14 February 2011

Happy Love Day!

I'm not usually a fan of Valentine's Day because I don't understand it *shrug* but I phoned my mama anyway because she's really into it. She was amused at me and basically told me to get going with my 'real' Valentine ?_?
And The Wonder Thing got me one of the Glee albums! But I didn't know, so I didn't get him anything. 
I'm a bad person....

However, I also a bad person with a Glee album!


I'm stating facts.

Some of my single friends have been side-eyeing the red hearts that have appeared in the shops and whining about not having anything to do.

Me: Why don't you all just hang out together?
*Friends look at each other as though they only just remembered the other exists*
Friends: Oh yeah!! We should do that! That'll be fun.

I hope you have/had fun and someone showed you love in some form!

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