Tuesday 12 October 2010


Well, less of the horror, but they're a bit messy and certainly bordering on the terror.

Two weeks ago today, one of my favourite aunts put my hair into twists.

It was so painful, my eyes started running (I don't cry).

She did all the stuff I'm vehemently against: Using some gunky, beeswax and petrolateum based gel that she uses in her locs to do the twists; she combed my hair dry; and when she combed it, she dragged it from the roots upwards.
As if having to experience my hair being pulled out forcibly wasn't bad enough, I could bloody well hear them as well, like a bleeding rice krispies advert:
Snap, crackle, pop!

Hello A Simple Thing. Meet Hair Hell. Hair Hell, A Simple Thing.
I even got tapped on the head with the comb for shifting about!

Afterwards, I was like, no, I'm too old for this shiz.

I admit, I thought I looked cute.

But I had to take two paractamol to deal with the pain.

I repeat: I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIZ! *throws a tantrum*

I generally tend to hate it when other people do my hair, since they never listen to me, and think they know best and it all goes terribly Pete Tong (cockney rhyming slang for 'wrong') and I suffer for a day and then take it out.
However, due to the trauma I suspect my hair went through being combed, I decided to leave the twists in for a month. No physical manipulation. Apart from the regular stuffs and fiddle-ation.

But it's going on the third week and it's looking like a dog's bark: Ruff! *snickers at own joke*

So I've been tying a scarf around it, in a style I like to call " The Backwards Babouska":

If that fails, I go with my hat (that I actually made myself - I may post a tutorial in the future). A satin bonnet underneath is necessary for protection and avoid fluff-in-hair-itis.

But then, I just couldn't take it anymore...and I took them out *pops a fudge piece and dares you to judge her*

The tiny size of the twists has resulted in a crazy twist out. I don't think it's safe for public consumption. So, no pics. Desolée!

I think I'm just going to wear this twist out for a while...maybe until a bird mistakes me for nesting material or something....

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