Friday 1 October 2010

Final Year aspirations

I should be moving onto campus tomorrow (and technically, I should be packing now).

Agh! Last year of uni!

I thought I'd write a list of stuff I want to have achieved by the end of this year:, academic and otherwise:

- Have an awesome stall at Fresher's Fair!

- Get a high 2:1 (above 65%) or a 1st in my degree

- Quit Theatre Group!

- Finish my dissertation

- Get onto a PGCE

- Cut cake making down to once a month

- Get my bento making game up to scratch!

- Be able to have a gentle conversation in Mandarin and/or Japanese

- Help my college team get 3rd or 2nd place in the league.

- Stop getting sucked into the ridiculous drama of a certain friend group(s).

- Focus on the Belly dancing society properly

- Stop ignoring my commitments. Or, stop signing up to so many (sssh, pretend we don't see the irony!)

- Hit Bra Strap length with the hair

- Learn to use the family camera (because my camera phone is pants)!

- Run a 5k....? Okay, maybe that's reaching a little bit.

I mean, there's goals, and then there's dreams...

Anyone else got any targets they're aiming for by summer time?

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