Monday 9 August 2010

Trying New Things

A year ago, my mum would have sworn that she hates curry.
The thought of it made her turn her nose up in scorn: "I just don't like the colour! Why is it yellow?"

The irony of this coming from someone who devours jelloff rice with gusto made me laugh. I tried to explain that you could get it in other colours, that you could make it yourself to change the flavours to your taste - but she was having none of it. If it was curry, she didn't want any.

Until, my aunt made some.
She didn't tell my mum it was curry - she just set about making it in our kitchen, and making it so that was quite a lot of it left over.

My mum is also incredibly nosy curious, so there's this pot with this..stuff inside that my aunt, she tried some.

And she loved it. A bit too heavy on the chillis, but "That's fine, I can change it when I make it".
Aaaaaalright mum! *whispers* I told you so!

But this relates to other stuff. We love to stick to the familiar. And I do this when it comes to my hair choices. I like hairstyles that I've been told my various family members 'make me look like a child'
I watch youtube tutorials from dusk till dawn on how to to certain styles on my hair, and I love it the lady doing it - but then I think "Nah, it won't really suit me." And forget about it.

Well, this week, I forced myself to try and experiment with some protective styles that don't involve effort twists or braids.

So I've tried some cinna-buns, and I really liked them! I don't like having stuff too close to my hairline, so I pulled it back in a puff, and then instead of leaving the hair out in a puff, I used bobby pins to pin section down to make the cinna-buns.
Part 1 of tThe tutorial is here (skip to 5:50, because the first minutes consist of a rant >.<) or you can just go straight to Part 2 here.
I really liked this style because:
  1. Unlike twists (my eternal protective style) my hair doesn't go flat after sleeping on it ¬_¬
  2. It works better on non freshly washed hair, so I don't have to wash and condition and add a billion products to my hair for me to do it.
  3. I could touch my hair up without feeling guilty about mechanical manipulation damage (satisfying my Hand in Hair compulsion).
  4. I looked like I had a cinnamon roll on my head! I love cinnamon rolls!!
I also had my eternal fringe, because that is essential to my existence as a human being.

I think the moral of this post is that it never hurts to try something new (unless it's an activity, such as boxing or having shuriken stars thrown at you. Those could hurt).

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